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Welcome to the SAC Experience


Live Virtual Mixing Technology


For Your Desktop Or Laptop Computer


SAC is the acronym for

Software Audio Console.


This program runs in Microsoft Windows and turns your Windows PC into a powerful virtual Live Mixing Console.


SAC opens new realms of live sound mixing capabilities with virtual mixing technology built around a Hand Coded Assembly Language core engine.


SAC brings you the power of expensive Digital Consoles with the audio quality of analog silky smooth sound that we have all grown to love, at a cost so low, it's almost impossible to believe.


The look and feel of a fully controllable Front Of House (FOH) mixing console, coupled with 24 duplicate Monitor (MON) mixing consoles with digital split points from multiple locations within the FOH Input Channels or Master MON Input Channels, creates a whole new way of mixing live sound while eliminating and replacing racks of physical equipment, snake cabling and splitters.